Speed management as a measure to improve road safety on Polish regional roads


  • Stanisław Gaca Cracow University of Technology, Department of Civil Engineering, Cracow, Poland Author
  • Sylwia Pogodzińska Cracow University of Technology, Department of Civil Engineering, Cracow, Poland Author




regional roads, speed, speed management, road safety


The article presents the issue of the implementation of speed management measures on regional roads, whose character requires the use of different solutions than those on national roads. The authors briefly described speed management measures, the conditions for their implementation and their effectiveness with reference to environmental conditions and road safety. The further part of the paper presents selected results of the authors' research into the speed on various road segments equipped with different speed management measures. The estimations were made as to the impact of local speed limits and traffic calming measures on drivers' behaviour in free flow conditions. This research found that the introduction of the local speed limits cause reduction in average speed and 85th percentile speed up to 11.9 km/h (14.4%) and 16.3 km/h (16.8%) respectively. These values are averaged in the tested samples. Speed reduction depends strongly on the value of the limit and local circumstances. Despite speed reduction, the share of drivers who do not comply with speed limits was still high and ranged from 43% in the case of a 70 km/h limit, up to 89% for a 40 km/h limit. As far as comprehensive traffic calming measures are concerned, results show decrease in average speed and 85th percentile speed up to 18.1 km/h and 20.8 km/h respectively. For some road segments, however, the values of average speed and 85th percentile speed increased. It confirms that the effectiveness of speed management measures is strongly determined by local circumstances.


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