Analysis of the results of the audit of lighting parameters at pedestrian crossings in Warsaw




lighting, pedestrian crossings, audit, road, safety


The night time, based on many world studies, generates an increased risk of serious accidents (with fatalities and serious injuries). This is especially true for accidents with pedestrians. Pedestrian crossings are very sensitive to the influence of the time of day in terms of pedestrian safety, elements of road infrastructure. This is visible on the example of Poland, where numerous accidents at crosswalks are recorded, characterized by high severity at night. Road infrastructure managers take corrective actions to improve this condition. An example of such work is the Road Safety Audit (RSA), initiated in 2016 by the Municipal Roads Management Board in Warsaw. The analyses carried out by the authors, among others, in the years 2016 - 2019, included pedestrian crossings without traffic lights located on roads managed by ZDM (Municipal Roads Authority) in twelve districts: Bemowo, Bielany, Mokotów, Ochota, Praga Południe, Praga Północ, Śródmieście, Targówek, Ursynów, Wawer, Włochy, Żoliborz. The assessment was carried out in terms of the correct lighting of these passages, traffic organization, geometry and environmental impact. The main aim of the article is to present a methodology for evaluating the technical condition of road lighting infrastructure on a large scale (e.g. district, city). The article discusses the general and detailed state of pedestrian safety in Poland against the background of research conducted in Warsaw. The procedure of inspection and assessment of the state of lighting of pedestrian crossings is described and selected results are presented. On the basis of a detailed analysis of the results of individual pedestrian crossings, the general condition of the tested crossings was assessed and recommendations were indicated. An attempt was made to assess the influence of pedestrian crossings lighting on the general state of road safety. A critical evaluation of the obtained effects was made. The utilitarian aim of the article is to apply the described methodology in other cities and to use the results of the conducted analyses to plan and implement road investments in the field of modernization of lighting at pedestrian crossings on a large scale.


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