Exploitation research of tram's head lighting - low beam lights


  • Piotr Tomczuk Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Transport, 75 Koszykowa St., 00-662 Warsaw, Poland, Author




tram's head lighting, low beam lights, CCD camera, luminance


Appropriately shaped light beam conditions correct visibility from a tram driver's seat and makes it easier to assess properly road situations connected with behaviour of other road traffic participants. The article presents the current state of tram's front lighting. Projectors and reflectors have been tested together with the sources of light currently exploited in tram vehicles. The present photometric requirements as well as the legal state concerning exploitation of lighting in trams have been described. Qualitative analysis has been conducted of currently used light beams of low beam lights with the use of image analyzer of CCD camera for luminance measurement. A method of luminance measurement on photometric screen has been described. Comparative results have been presented of luminance measurement in measurement points and zones on the borderline of light and shade, and on the glare line of a tram driver coming from the opposite direction.


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Tomczuk, P. (2010). Exploitation research of tram’s head lighting - low beam lights. Archives of Transport, 22(4), 477-494. https://doi.org/10.2478/v10174-010-0029-7


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