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Year: 2019, volume: 49, issue 1

  1. Andrii Galkin: Mechanisms for increasing of transportation efficiency using joint service of logistics systems

  2. Ilona Jacyna-Gołda, Michał Kłodawski, Konrad Lewczuk, Marcin Łajszczak, Tomasz Chojnacki, Teresa Siedlecka-Wójcikowska: Elements of perfect order rate research in logistics chains

  3. Włodzimierz Rosochacki: The problem of evaluating the expiration of the service life of the supporting structure of secondhand cranes

  4. Binbin Sun, Tiezhu Zhang, Wenqing Ge, Cao Tan, Song Gao: Driving energy management of front-and-rear-motor-drive electric vehicle based on hybrid radial basis function

  5. Ulf Gerber, Mykola Sysyn, Jandab Zarour, Olga Nabochenko: Stiffness and strength of structural layers from cohesionless material

  6. Imane Moufad, Fouad Jawab: A study framework for assessing the performance of the urban freight transport based on PLS approach

  7. Arun Baby Zacharia, Harikrishna Madhavan, M. V. L. R. Anjaneyulu: Geometric factors influencing entry capacity of roundabouts under heterogeneous traffic conditions
  8. Tomasz Rudyk, Emilian Szczepański, Marianna Jacyna: Safety factor in the sustainable fleet management model


Year: 2018, volume: 48, issue 4

  1. Shy Bassan: Empirical modeling of the relationship between decision sight distance and stopping sight distance based on AASHTO

  2. Antonio Comi, Berta Buttarazzi, Massimiliano Schiraldi, Rosy Innarella, Martina Varisco, Paolo Traini: An advanced planner for urban freight delivering

  3. Lieyun He, Xinming Lin: An improved mathematical model for vehicle crashagainst highway guardrails

  4. Libor Ižvolt, Peter Dobeš, Juraj Pieš: Verification of boundary conditions of numerical modeling of the track substructure thermal regime influence of the snow cover

  5. Eric M. Laflamme, Paul J. Ossenbruggen: Estimation of stochastic traffic capacity using extreme value theory and censoring: A case study in Salem, New Hampshire

  6. Ewelina Sendek-Matysiak, Dariusz Pyza: The assigment of vehicle assesment based on multi criteria decision making

  7. Binbin Sun, Tiezhu Zhang, Song Gao, Wenqing Ge, Bo Li: Design of brake force distribution model for front-and-rear-motor-drive electric vehicle based on radial basis function
  8. Zhenfeng Wu, Yanzhong Huo, Wangcai Ding, Zihao Xie: Bionic shape design of electric locomotive and aerodynamic drag reduction


Year: 2017, volume: 44, issue 4

  1. Andrii V. Antonov, Víctor G. Sychenko: Resource evaluation of friction pair “contact wire – contact strip”

  2. Rafał Burdzik, Bogusław Nowak, Jacek Rozmus, Paweł Słowiński, Jarosław Pankiewicz: Safety in the railway industry

  3. Mariusz Izdebski, Ilona Jacyna-Gołda, Katarzyna Markowska, Jakub Murawski: Heuristic algorithms applied to the problems of servicing actors in supply chains

  4. Roland Jachimowski: Review of horizontal transport decision problems in the marine intermodal terminal

  5. Jerzy Mikulski, Karolina Gorzelak: Conception of modernization of a line section example in the context of a fast railway connect

  6. Tomasz Nowakowski, Paweł Komorski, Franciszek Tomaszewski: The efficiency of tram articulations compared to vibroacoustic emissions

  7. Michał Taraska, Remigiusz Iwańkowicz: Multi-objective evolutionary method for cargo arrangement in a loading space
  8. Remigiusz M. Wojtal, Laurence R. Rilett: Development of a statistically-based methodology for analyzing automatic safety treatments at isolated high-speed signalized intersections

  9. Zhenfeng Wu, Enyu Yang, Wangcai Ding: Design of large-scale streamlined head cars of high-speed trains and aerodynamic drag calculation


Year: 2017, volume: 43, issue 3

  1. Arkadiusz Drabicki, Rafał Kucharski, Andrzej Szarata: Modelling the public transport capacity constraints’ impact on passenger path choices in transit assignment models

  2. Stanisław Gaca, Sylwia Pogodzińska: Speed management as a measure to improve road safety on Polish regional roads

  3. Juan Juan Hu, Feng Li, Bing Han, Jinbao Yao: Analysis of the influence on expressway safety of ramps

  4. Mattias Juhász, Tamás Mátrai, Csaba Koren: Forecasting travel time reliability in urban road transport

  5. Khattak Afaq, Yangsheng Jiang, Juanxiu Zhu, Lu Hu: A new simulation-optimization approach for the circulation facilities design at urban rail transit station

  6. Ying Lee, Chien-Hung Wei, Kai-Chon Chao: Non-parametric machine learning methods for evaluating the effects of traffic accident duration on freeways

  7. Iouri N. Semenov, Ludmiła Filina-Dawidowicz: Topology-based approach to the modernization of transport and logistics systems with hybrid architecture. Part 1. Proof-of-concept study

  8. Viktor G. Sychenko, Dmytro V. Mironov: Development of a mathematical model of the generalized diagnostic indicator on the basis of full factorial experiment


Year: 2017, volume: 42, issue 2

  1. Andrii Galkin: Urban environment influence on distribution part of logistics systems

  2. Marianna Jacyna, Mariusz Wasiak, Andrzej Bobiński: SIMMAG3D as a tool for designing of storage facilities in 3D

  3. Nurul Hidayah Muslim, Mohamad Ibrahim Mohamed, Zulkarnaini Mat Amin, Arezou Shafaghat, Mohammad Ismail, Ali Keyvanfar: Ground Penetrating Radar’s (GPR) imaging and applications to pavement structural assessment: a case of Malaysia

  4. Oleg Sablin, Valeriy Kuznetsov, Victor Shinkarenko, Alexander Ivanov: Rational distribution of excess regenerative energy in electric transport systems on the basis of fuzzy logic application

  5. Seelam Srikanth, Arpan Mehar: A modified approach for estimation of Passenger Car Units on intercity divided multilane highways

  6. Adam Szeląg: Electrical power infrastructure for modern rolling stock with regard to the railway in Poland

  7. Qiang Xiao, Rui-chun He: Carpooling scheme selection for taxi carpooling passengers: a multi-objective model and optimisation algorithm


Year: 2017, volume: 41, issue 1

  1. Rostyslav Domin, Iurii Domin, Ganna Cherniak: Estimation of dynamic performances of the safe operation of high-speed electric train

  2. Moreno Ferrarese: Decisional processing on parking behavior in entropic settings

  3. Roland Jachimowski, Piotr Gołębiowski, Mariusz Izdebski, Dariusz Pyza, Emilian Szczepański: Designing and efficiency of database for simulation of processes in systems. Case study for the simulation of warehouse processes

  4. Michał Kłodawski, Konrad Lewczuk, Ilona Jacyna-Gołda, Jolanta Żak: Decision making strategies for warehouse operations

  5. De-yong Li, Shuang Wang, Kun Hu: Mechanical analysis and research of the conveyor belt of plane turning belt conveyor based on Discrete Element Method

  6. Anil Modinpuroju, CSRK Prasad: Design optimal rural road network using GIS

  7. Mirosław Nader, Arkadiusz Kostrzewski, Mariusz Kostrzewski: Technological conditions of intermodal transhipment terminals in Poland

  8. Igor Taran, Anatoliy Bondarenko: Conceptual approach to select parameters of hydrostatic and mechanical transmissions for wheel tractors designed for agricultural operations


Year: 2016, volume: 40, issue 4

  1. Dodappaneni Abhigna, Sindhu Kondreddy, K. V. R. Ravi Shankar: Effect of vehicle composition and delay on roundabout capacity under mixed traffic conditions

  2. Rostyslav Domin, Iurii Domin, Ganna Cherniak, Anatolii Mostovych, Valeria Konstantidi, Petro Gryndei: Investigation of the some problems of running safety of rolling stock on the Ukrainian railways

  3. Stanislaw Gucma: Parameter optimization of sea waterway system dredged to the specified depth case of the modernized Świnoujście-Szczecin fairway

  4. Piotr Kisielewski: The system of IT support for logistics in the rail transport

  5. Ireneusz Pielecha, Wojciech Cieślik, Wojciech Bueschke, Maciej Skowron: Thermodynamic indexes of real driving conditions of gasoline and LPG fuelled engine

  6. Maciej Szkoda, Grzegorz Kaczor: Reliability and availability assessment of diesel locomotive using Fault Tree Analysis

  7. Mariusz Wasiak: Vehicle selection model with respect to Economic Order Quantity

  8. Marian Fijałek, Andrzej Gołaszewski, Stanisław Zimnoch: In memory of Tadeusz Basiewicz


Year: 2016, volume: 39, issue 3

  1. Maciej Cholewiński, Wojciech Pospolita, Dominik Błoński: Dual ORC-Brayton power system for waste heat recovery in heavy-duty vehicles

  2. Ting Li, Yunong Yang, Yonghui Wang, Chao Chen, Jinbao Yao: Traffic fatalities prediction based on support vector machine

  3. Zbigniew Lozia, Ewa Kardas-Cinal: The use of a linear half-vehicle model for the optimization of damping in the passive suspension system of a railway car

  4. Jerzy Merkisz, Jacek Pielecha, Remigiusz Jasiński: Remarks about Real Driving Emissions tests for passenger cars

  5. Bogdan Sowiński: Analysis of high frequency vibration of tram monobloc wheel

  6. Paweł Zdziebko, Tadeusz Uhl: Finite element analysis of pantograph-catenary dynamic interaction

  7. Bożena Zwolińska, Edward Michlowicz: Impact of change in the structure of distribution system on incurred cost


Year: 2016, volume: 38, issue 2

  1. Evgen Aleshinskiy, Vitalii Naumov, Ganna Prymachenko: Using the petri nets for forming the technological lines of the passenger trains processing in Ukraine

  2. Janusz Chodur, Radosław Bąk: Study of driver behaviour at turbo-roundabouts

  3. Ahmed Madha, Ali Dawod Salman, Hussein Dhafir Hussain, Nazri Borhan, Riza Atiq O.K. Rahmat: Analysis of travel behaviour in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia: an application of the theory of planned behaviour

  4. Michał Opala: Study of the derailment safety index Y/Q of the low-floor tram bogies with different types of guidance of independently rotating wheels

  5. Arezou Shafaghat, Ali Keyvanfar, Nurul Hidayah Binti Muslim: Drivers’ adaptive travel behaviors towards green transportation development: a critical review

  6. Yuanxiang Tang, Wencai Zhang: Computer-aided model construction and database design of railway yard information

  7. Marian Tracz, Mariusz Kieć: Operational problems of 2+1 bypass road sections


Year: 2016, volume: 37, issue 1

  1. Doina Carp, Constantin Popa, Cristina Serban: A general iterative solver for unbalanced inconsistent transportation problems

  2. Moreno Ferrarese: A perceptual-behavioural approach with non-parametric experimental coefficient for urban parking business design

  3. Maciej Gucma: Models of maritime safety for development of navigation support systems

  4. Małgorzata Orczyk, Franciszek Tomaszewski: Studies and assessment of transport noise in Poznan

  5. Piotr Sawicki, Marcin Kiciński, Szymon Fierek: Selection of the most adequate trip-modelling tool for integrated transport planning system

  6. Shuang Wang, Yong-Cun Guo, De-Yong Li, Kun Hu: Research of lateral force of pipe conveyor belt’s vertical transport section

  7. Han Yun-xiang, Huang Xiao-qiong: Conflict-free trajectory planning based on the model predictive control theory


Year: 2015, volume: 36, issue 4

  1. Tomasz Ambroziak, Sławomir Tkaczyk: The selection of transportation means for technological processes

  2. Pavel Foltin, Mariusz Gontarczyk, Andrzej Świderski, Jarosław Zelkowski: Evaluation model of the companies operating within logistic network

  3. Valeriy G. Kuznetsov, Oleg I. Sablin, Alenka V. Chornaya: Improvement of the regenerating energy accounting system on the direct current railways

  4. Vitalii Naumov, Ievhen Nagornyi, Yana Litvinova: Model of multimodal transport node functioning

  5. Zbiegniew Tarapata: Modelling and analysis of transportation networks using complex networks: Poland case study

  6. Mariusz Zieja, Henryk Smoliński, Paweł Gołda: Information systems as a tool for supporting the management of aircraft flight safety

  7. Joanna Żukowska: Regional implementation of a road safety observatory in Poland



Year: 2015, volume: 35, issue 3

  1. Maciej Gucma: New threat to global transport. GNSS Receiver Spoofing

  2. Petro Horbachov, Vitalii Naumov, Oleksandr Kolii: Estimation of the bus delay at the stopping point on the base of traffic parameters

  3. Marianna Jacyna, Iouri N. Semenov, Piotr Trojanowski: The research directions of increase effectiveness of the functioning of the RSA with regard to specialized transport

  4. Katarzyna Nosal, Wiesław Starowicz: Evaluation of influence of mobility management instruments implemented in separated areas of the city on the changes in modal split

  5. Tomasz Nowakowski, Jan Kulczyk, Emilia Skupień, Agnieszka Tubis, Sylwia Werbińska-Wojciechowska: Inland water transport development possibilities – case study of lower Vistula river

  6. Viktor G. Sychenko, Dmitry O. Bosiy, Eugene M. Kosarev: Improving the quality of voltage in the system of traction power supply of direct current

  7. Krzysztof Zboiński, Piotr Woźnica: Optimisation of polynomial railway transition curves of even degrees



Year: 2015, volume: 34, issue 2

  1. Marc J. Assael, Leandros Ch. Paschalidis, George P. Sakellaropoulos: Evaluation of the effects of fires and explosions in the transport of hazardous materials

  2. Ludmiła Filina-Dawidowicz, Remigiusz Iwańkowicz, Włodzimierz Rosochacki: Risk measures of load loss during service of refrigerated containers in seaports

  3. Kiarash Ghasemlou, Metin Mutlu Aydi, Mehmet Sinan Yildirim: Prediction of pedal cyclists and pedestrian fatalities from total monthly accidents and registered private car numbers

  4. Władysław Koc: Design of compound curves adapted to the satellite measurements

  5. Przemysław Krata, Jakub Montewka: Assessment of a critical area for a give-way ship in a collision encounter

  6. Konrad Lewczuk: The concept of genetic programming in organizing internal transport processes

  7. Juan Carlos Villa: Development and implementation of technology to measure truck crossing time at international land ports of entry



Year: 2015, volume: 33, issue 1

  1. Wojciech Gamon: Movement analysis of cooperating railway buffer heads

  2. Ilona Jacyna-Gołda: Decision-making model for supporting supply chain efficiency evaluation

  3. Grzegorz Karoń, Renata Żochowska: Modelling of expected traffic smoothness in urban transportation systems for ITS solutions

  4. Piotr Lesiak, Tadeusz Szumiata, Marek Wlazło: Laser scatterometry for detection of squat defects in railway rails

  5. Elżbieta Macioszek: The road safety at turbo roundabouts in Poland

  6. Waldemar Mironiuk: Model-based investigations on dynamic ship heels in relation to maritime transport safety

  7. Malwina Spławińska: Development of models for determining the traffic volume for the analysis of roads efficiency


Year: 2014, volume: 32, issue 4

  1. Tomasz Ambroziak, Roland Jachimowski, Dariusz Pyza, Emilian Szczepański: Analysis of the traffic stream distribution in terms of identification of areas with the highest exhaust pollution

  2. Ilona Jacyna-Gołda, Żak Jolanta, Piotr Gołębiowski: Models of traffic flow distribution for various scenarios of the development of proecological transport system

  3. Rafał Kucharski, Guido Gentile: Indirect observation of rerouting phenomena in traffic networks – case study of Warsaw bridges

  4. Jerzy Merkisz, Marianna Jacyna, Agnieszka Merkisz-Guranowska, Jacek Pielecha: The parameters of passenger cars engine in terms of real drive emission test

  5. Edward Michlowicz: Logistics waste utilization system in the steel plant

  6. Tadeusz Niedziela: Automatic target recognition of complex internal structure

  7. Kamil Popiela, Mariusz Wasiak: Optimization of Unit Load formation taking into account the mass of packaging units

Year: 2014, volume: 31, issue 3

  1. Milena Bieniek: Service level in model of inventory location with stochastic demand

  2. Marianna Jacyna¸ Mariusz Wasiak, Konrad Lewczuk, Michał Kłodawski: Simulation model of transport system of Poland as a tool for developing sustainable transport

  3. Ewa Kardas-Cinal: Selected problems in railway vehicle dynamics related to running safety

  4. Agnieszka Merkisz-Guranowska, Jacek Pielecha: Passenger cars and heavy duty vehicles exhaust emissions under real driving condition

  5. Vladimir Selin, Fedor Larichkin, Valentina Novoseltceva: Economic development of the Russian arctic space by upgrading transport and logistics sector

  6. Emilian Szczepański, Ilona Jacyna-Gołda, Jakub Murawski: Genetic algorithms based approach for transhipment HUB location in urban areas

  7. Andrzej Wolfenburg: New version of the BBS method and its usage for determining and scheduling vehicle routes

Year: 2014, volume: 30, issue 2

  1. Mirosław Dusza: The study of track gauge influence on lateral stability of 4-axle rail vehicle model

  2. Petro Horbachov, Stanislav Svichynskyi: Dependence of trip length frequency distribution on characteristics of route network elements

  3. Marianna Jacyna, Jerzy Merkisz: Proecological approach to modelling traffic organization in national transport system

  4. Marek Karkula: Selected aspects of simulation modelling of internal transport processes performed at logistics facilities

  5. Rafał Kucharski, Guido Gentile: Direct observation of rerouting phenomena in traffic networks

  6. Michał Maciejewski: Benchmarking minimum passenger waiting time in online taxi dispatching with exact offline optimization methods

  7. Yuri Palagin, Alexander Mochalov, Alexey Timonin: Mathematical modelling and parameters calculations in multimodal freight terminal networks

Year: 2014, volume: 29, issue 1

  1. Zdzisław Chłopek: The assessment of the pollutant emission from the self ignition engine in its different operating states

  2. Markus Hecht: Innovative rail freight wagons – a precondition to increase the market-share of rail freight

  3. Mariusz Izdebski: The use of heuristic algorithms to optimize the transport issues on the example of municipal services companies

  4. Andrzej Majka: Multi-objective optimization applied for planning of regional European airline

  5. Valentinas Podvezko, Henrikas Sivilevicius, Askoldas Podviezko: Scientific applications of the AHP method in transport problems

  6. Andrzej Szarata: The multimodal approach to the modelling of modal split

  7. Janusz Szkopiński: The certain approach to the assessment of interoperability of railway lines

  8. Renata Żochowska: Selected issues in modelling of traffic flows in congested urban networks



Year: 2013, volume: 27-28, issue 3-4

  1. Karol Bagiński, Danuta Jasińska-Choromańska: Effect of user’s individual features on energy consumption of the orthotic robot

  2. Iwona Balke: Business situation in the freight road transport in Poland

  3. Jacek Brdulak, Bartosz Zakrzewski: Methods for Calculating the Efficiency of Logistics Centres

  4. Piotr Biernat, Piotr Rumniak, Marek Michalczuk, Andrzej Gałecki, Lech Grzesiak, Bartłomiej Ufnalski, Arkadiusz Kaszewski: Powertrain system with the ultracapacitor-based auxiliary energy storage for an urban battery electric vehicle

  5. Włodzimierz Choromański, Krzysztof Fiok, Andrzej Potyński, Grzegorz Dobrzyński: Mechatronic simulator of lever driven wheelchairs

  6. Włodzimierz Choromański, Jerzy Kowara: Personal rapid transit vehicle with polyurethane wheels – modelling and simulation issues

  7. Bartłomiej Kamiński, Marcin Nikoniuk, Łukasz Drązikowski: A concept of propulsion and power supply systems for PRT vehicles

  8. Maciej Kozłowski, Włodzimierz Choromański: PRT simulation research

  9. Maciej Kozłowski, Włodzimierz Choromański: Simulation research of driveability of the ECO electric car

  10. Vincenzo P. Giofrè, Michał Maciejewski, Agnieszka Merkisz Góranowska, Bartłomiej Piątkowski, Vittorio Astarita: Real Road network application of a new microsimulation tool: TRITONE

  11. Jerzy Mieścicki, Wiktor B. Daszczuk: Proposed benchmarks for PRT networks simulation



Year: 2013, volume: 25-26, issue 1-2

  1. Paweł Bany: Philosophical Considerations on Vision Zero

  2. Sławomir Barański, Henryk Karbowiak: Development Trends for Automatic Train Protection systems

  3. Piotr Bojar, Maciej Woropay, Mirosław Szubartowski: The Method of the Evaluation of Transport Systems Operation Safety

  4. Andrzej Grzyb, Karol Bryk, Marek Dudzik: Mathematical Model for Vibrations Analysis of The Tram Wheelset

  5. Andrzej W. Mitas, Aleksander Konior, Witold Konior: VMS Parameters Impact on Safety and Reliability in Road Traffic Management

  6. Marek Sitarz, Andrzej Hełka, Adam Mańka, Andrzej Adamiec: Testing of Railway Pantograph

  7. Bogdan Sowiński: Interrelation between Wavelengths of Track Geometry Irregularities and Rail Vehicle Dynamic Properties

  8. Mirosław Szubartowski: Semi-Markov Model of the Operation and Maintenance Process of City Buses

  9. Jolanta Żak, Ilona Jacyna-Gołda: Using Queue Theory to Analysis and Evaluation of the Logistics Centre Workload



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